Water Damage Restoration in East Brunswick, NJ

Water damage is one of the worst nightmares a property owner can face. Never take water inside or near your property for granted.

  • Some of the causes of floodwater in your property may include broken plumbing systems, flooding due to rainwater, leaky roofs, or a high-water table.
  • The damage starts with minor spots leading to extensive cracks on the floor and walls. Eventually, floodwater weakens the foundation, resulting in collapse.
  • Blackwater flooding creates unsanitary conditions and causes infections if not attended to on time.
  • Water damage creates favorable conditions for rampant mold growth. Other common effects of water damage include damaging utility lines and home appliances.
  • In worst cases, standing water has resulted in electrocution.
  • The EPA recommends that you begin water damage mitigation immediately to avoid the need for mold remediation.

Contact our professional water mitigation services if you are experiencing water damage in your basement, attic or any other areas.

Professional Water Damage Restoration

We provide professional water damage restoration in East Brunswick, NJ, and nearby places. Our water damage remediation team handles restoration services for residential and commercial customers.

We have years of experience, over which we have learned the best practices for fast and efficient water damage restoration.

Emergency Water Removal

Water removal is often a complicated undertaking, especially in your basement or ceiling. Besides, some floor types require specialized equipment to guarantee proper water cleanup and sanitization. In that regard, DIY water damage restoration does not ensure effective cleanup.

At Tulip Carpet Cleaning of East Brunswick, we have invested in state-of-the-art equipment for water removal services. Besides, our staff has undergone professional training in water mitigation services.

Therefore, no matter the extent of water damage, our professionals have your requirements covered. We also have a long-standing partnership with Flood Damage Pro for large and complicated jobs so that we are available for a fast response for our customers.

Stages of Water Damage Remediation

Water damage remediation is often complicated, and only experts guarantee the best results. Whatever the cause of water damage, our team follows a standard process to remove and restore the water damage.

Step 1. Damage Assessment

Our experienced water damage restoration professionals report to your site and make a detailed water damage assessment. The procedure involves using hygrometers and moisture detectors to estimate the extent of water damage. Our experts will provide a detailed report, classifying the extent of water damage.

Step 2. Water Removal / Extraction

The next step involves the actual removal of stagnant waters. We apply the best flood extractors to ensure fast and efficient water removal. Therefore, we remove all water from your basement, the attic, other corners of your house, and even belongings.

Step 3. Clean-Up and Sanitizing

Tulip Carpet Cleaning of East Brunswick performs thorough cleaning. Depending on the surfaces, the cleaning process involves spray and wiping, dry cleaning, and wet cleaning. Upon comprehensive surface cleaning we apply proper sanitizers and disinfect all surfaces.

Step 4. Drying

Our staff will begin the dehumidification and drying process so that no moisture is left on floors, walls, or even your furniture. If there is moisture on your furniture or the property surfaces, we will repeat the drying process until it's dry.

Step 5. Final Inspection

Finally, we will inspect all surfaces to be sure it is moisture free. Eventually, we certify the property as safe for occupation before signing off.

Contact Water Removal Experts

Water damage can cause severe losses and an unhealthy environment to live in. The worst case is that DIY water restoration results in further damages to your property and could result in health issues due to mold growth. Besides, restoration you might attempt yourself is a mere waste of time and involves a lot of effort, interrupting your daily schedule.

If you are experiencing water damage, engage a professional water removal near me. At Tulip Carpet Cleaning of East Brunswick, we have experienced professionals for water damage restoration. Call us today for an estimate and on-site consultation.

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